The Beautiful Business: An Actionable Manifesto to Create an Unignorable Business with Love at the Core

“The Beautiful Business is a must-read manifesto for 21st-century business leaders.”

— Gay Hendricks, best-selling author of The Big Leap and The Genius Zone

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Make a difference. Create a legacy. Change the world. Build a beautiful business.

There’s nothing more powerful than a united group of souls ignited in a common cause with love at the core.

What People Say About The Beautiful Business:

“Part Simon Sinek, part Abraham Maslow, part Picasso — The Beautiful Business is a thought-provoking and practical guide to build more meaning and magnetism into your business. Steven Morris’ book breaks new ground in business thinking.”

Chip Conley

Chip Conley

Founder, Modern Elder Academy; Author of “Wisdom at Work: The Making of a Modern Elder, Emotional Equations: Simple Truths for Creating Happiness + Success,” and “Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow”

“Profound! Every once in a while a book comes along that challenges the very core of my thinking about business – The Beautiful Business did just that. It opened my eyes to the creative journey that building and running a company is, and how letting go of a conventional leadership approach and seeing and acting with artistry, conviction, and love can transform our businesses and ourselves. Read this book if you want to think deeply about the potential for business today and then create something valuable, sustainable, and beautiful.”

Denise Lee Yohn

Denise Lee Yohn

Author of “What Great Brands Do” and “FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies.”

“Steven Morris’s new book, The Beautiful Business, is a must-read manifesto for 21st century business leaders. Morris lays out a vision for a new type of business, along with the practical skills for building it. I found the book engaging, thought-provoking and a pleasure to read. Highly recommended.”

Gay Hendricks

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.

Author of “The Big Leap” and “The Genius Zone”

“The Beautiful Business offers a completely fresh take on creating a business that matters. This ‘actionable manifesto’ is sure to inspire, inform and ignite the fire at the heart of your business. You will be better for reading this book.”

Dorie Clark

Author of “Entrepreneurial You” and executive education faculty, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

“In The Beautiful Business, Steven Morris speaks in terms rarely applied to business, beauty, soul, truth and evolution. What this book shows is how the work of business can evolve into the craft of business and ultimately into the art of business and business leadership. Steven has masterfully articulated a path to follow that allows business leaders to bring their full self into the business and to encourage those who work with them to do the same to create a sense of purpose and belonging that transcends metrics and profits.”

Jim Canfield

Jim Canfield

President, CEO Tools by Aprio; Author of “CEO Tools 2.0: How Think, Lead and Manage Like a CEO”

“The Beautiful Business reveals Steven Morris’s view of business as an act of creation on a daily basis. It calls each of us pursuing such a creation to express our higher selves for the good of the whole. It is a mirror to our soul and as you read it, you will see the beauty in you which empowers you to create your beautiful business.”

Gene Early, PhD

Partner of Leader’s Quest, author of “3 Keys to Transforming Your Potential”

“It reads like a new bible for the business leader who wants a wholehearted life and a valuable business. Beautifully designed and accessible, The Beautiful Business invites business owners to take charge of reinventing capitalism from a winner-takes-most or “never enough” mentality into something sacred that celebrates business as a form of service.  If you’ve read other books about business and still felt like something was missing, this is the book you’ve been waiting for.”

Leisa Peterson

Author of “The Mindful Millionaire”

“It’s time to bring love to the business world and Steven Morris is taking a courageous stand to remind us all that people want so much more than paychecks and titles. They want the full engagement that comes when they are aligned with beauty, love and meaning. I am very excited about this refreshing look and leadership and business and trust you will too.”

Diana Chapman

Founding partner at Conscious Leadership Group

“Business-as-usual is broken. Conscious leaders know there is a better way to honor people and profits, but don’t always have the tools to teach team members how. The Beautiful Business is a wise beacon illuminating a new way forward. With heart and soul, combined with his decades of experience as an executive and entrepreneur, Steven Morris offers an invitation to lead with artistry, creativity, and fierce pragmatism—all while producing abundant, tangible results. May businesses everywhere begin their journey toward unignorable beauty, purpose, and impact, with this powerful guide as their compass.”

Jenny Blake

Author of “Pivot” and “Free Time: Lose The Busywork, Love Your Business”

“There are moments where, if we are honest, we all want to leave our mark in the world. The Beautiful Business is a delightful guide full of wisdom and direction to help leaders at any level realize that you have what you need to leave that mark not only in a beautiful business but a beautiful life as well. This is a must-read book that you will dog ear, highlight, and come back to time and again.”

Justin Ahrens

Chief Evangelist, Rule 29

“The saying goes that timing is everything, well, I beg to differ. But only slightly. When perfect timing meets star quality, then that is everything, or at the very least as close as it gets. In our troubled world, business can be a huge catalyst for positive change, but right now, it requires brave, caring and positive people to make that change. If that is you, read this visionary book, full of wisdom and love.  The world needs more Beautiful Business.”

John Jennings

Associate Director, Chris Cooper Business Elevation

“This is a beautiful book and a generous gift of a life’s work and wisdom. And timely, as we need evolved leadership more than ever. Use it! I will be as I create my own beautiful business.”

Justin Knecht

Founder, What Could Be

The Beautiful Business is a thoughtful and daring book that challenges you to think deeply about your business, brand, culture, and customers. Steven Morris shows you how your business can evolve from a transactional machine into a living entity with personality, heart, and soul. Steven dives deep into helping you understand the interplay between business purpose, brand character, core values, and customer focus. With practical examples, Steven teaches why building a beautiful business should be more than an idea and an integral part of everything your business and brand aspires to be.”

Brian Sooy

President, Aespire

“What a powerful and compelling book this is. In an age when we need far more wisdom, courage and humanity in business this book delivers the “how to”. It’s thought provoking, inspiring and practical.Thank you so much Steven for sharing your knowledge, insights and love with us.”

Hilary Wilson

Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Author of “Little Black Book of Career Success”

“A must-read for all entrepreneurs and business owners! This is a beautiful book that shows why sustainable businesses can and need to be about so much more than just making money. If you want to create a successful business that truly connects with people in an authentic way and also makes a difference to the world as a whole, read this book!”

Elisabet Vinberg Hearn

International Leadership & Culture Strategist, Multi-award winning author of “The Leader’s Guide to Impact”, “Leading Teams 10 Challenges 10 Solutions”, and “The Team Formula”

The Beautiful Business is like a blend of a beautiful poem for your soul AND a very actionable roadmap to create that unignorable business that does well and does good. Steven dreams of a world where entrepreneurs are not just businessmen and women, they are meaning-makers, artists, and healers. But it doesn’t need to stay a dream if evolved leaders are open to listen to Steven’s message. I for one can’t wait for this world! Thanks for leading the way, Steven!

Sarah Santecroce

Sarah Santacroce, LinkedIn Consultant, Founder of HumaneGen Marketing and author of “Marketing Like We’re Human”

“Beautiful, compelling and inspiring wisdom for shining out in business and life like the brightest star in the night sky”

Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper, Business Elevation Strategist, Author and Broadcaster

“Steven has an uncanny and beautiful ability to shift your perspective with practical wisdom.  The Beautiful Business will stir your spirit and inspire you as a leader and human. This is your guide to taking your business and people to a higher level of intentional purpose and impact.”

Mike Mooney

• Mike Mooney, CEO Mooney Consulting Group; Author “Reputation Shift – 5 High Performance Truths for Success”

“I cannot say enough how much I truly enjoyed reading your book Steven. You have always been such a thought leader and inspirational in so many ways for me. I am genuinely excited for the human race knowing that this book will be available to the world. I feel like it should be required reading for anyone that starts a company, but I also feel that anyone would benefit from reading. I know it is intended for business leaders/entrepreneurs, but honestly I feel that any consumer (everyone) would benefit from seeing the world the way you do(or at least your vision for our world)….filled with beautiful creations we call businesses.”

Stephan Spencer

Speaker, Author and IM & SEO Expert

Those of us who have had the pleasure to work with Steven collectively sing his praises – he has once again outdone himself! The Beautiful Business articulates concepts that Steven has embodied as a coach and mentor for years —compassion, ingenuity, transparency, creativity, grace  that leaders must elevate the unique differences of each team member if they want to change the world. This book is a roadmap for self-realization and accountability through aesthetics in action in the workplace, ultimately leading to transcendent success.

Eileen Sigler

non-profit fundraising expert

About The Book

Over the arc of 25 years, Steven Morris has worked with more than 250 brands (Samsung, Sony, Habitat for Humanity, Amazon, NFL, MLB, and many more) and over 3,000 business leaders. He’s fused his learnings into an actionable manifesto called The Beautiful Business.

Each day business leaders engage in a fundamentally creative act: forming and nurturing companies, teams, products, brands, and services so they can flourish. Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs hesitate to see themselves as creatives or creators, even though many are seeking more fulfillment, meaning, and beauty in their life and business.

The Beautiful Business is both a creative act of claiming your birthright as a human creator and leader and an act of defiance from the myopic and arbitrary rules that profit-only businesses operate from.

Based on timeless business and psychology principles put forward by some of the greatest hearts and minds in history, The Beautiful Business presents an actionable manifesto to shape any business into an unignorable entity that stands the test of time.

This is the chance you’ve been searching for. The opportunity to bring the business you care so deeply about into a realm that is soul-filling and life-giving for you, the leader, and nourishing for the people inside and outside your organization.

It’s for you, the business leader who’s seeking a more beautiful way to engage with life, with work, with your business.

Your business matters. Make it beautiful.

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    About The Author

    Steven Morris helps business leaders build unignorable brands, cultures, and businesses through his work as an advisor, author, and speaker. He has worked with business leaders from Samsung, Sony, Habitat for Humanity, Amazon, International Trademark Association, NFL, MLB, and over 250 other brands over his more than 25 years in business.

    He reaches more than 25,000 readers through his blog and also has written about brands, innovation, and culture as a contributing writer for Retail Observer, Business Week, Brand Week, Conscious Company Magazine, Communication Arts, HOW Magazine and MarketingProfs.

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