About The Book

The Beautiful Business encourages entrepreneurs to reclaim their business and life as a fundamental creative journey that enables their people and their business entity to continually evolve and thrive.

Based on timeless business and psychology principles put forward by some of the greatest hearts and minds in history, The Beautiful Business presents an actionable manifesto to shape any business into an unignorable entity that stands the test of time.

This book will change the questions you ask about why your business exists. It will change the way you see your business, your life, and the people around you. It will change how you measure success in your business. It will help you, the business seeker, to make a more beautiful business, life, and world.

Your business matters. Make it beautiful.

Who’s the Book for?

One of the early comments about The Beautiful Business described it as “The Artist’s Way for business leaders.” This comment humbled me, and aspects of it rang true.

Maybe you are a business artist? A change-maker? An organizational artisan? A shaper of our future humanity? A difference-maker in business all while making a good profit?

The Beautiful Business is written for business leaders and entrepreneurs in any industry and any size company who want to create a more lasting and valuable business, leave a legacy, and just maybe, change the world.

It’s for a business leader who may see themselves as a business artist, maker, craftsperson, or changemaker.

It’s for business leaders who are tired of chasing customers, frustrated by employee turnover, disengagement, and presenteeism — and who are looking for more sustainable and profitable ways to do business.

It’s for leaders who are looking to infuse more meaning into their work, and life.

It’s for servant leaders who want to ensure the people connected to their organization are cared for, that their culture is nurtured, and who are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

It’s for the business leader that has come to realize that business as usual is broken and they’re searching for more ways for their business to flourish.

If you’ve asked yourself any of the following questions, this book is for you:

  • How can I integrate my brand and my culture? 
  • How can I create more belonging on my team?
  • How can I stop chasing customers and attract more of the right people, inside and outside my business?
  • How can I be more creative, more innovative, more mindful, more impactful in how I run and grow my business?
  • How can I realize more wholeness in my work and life?
  • How can I make a good or great profit and create a legacy for my business?

This actionable manifesto is for you, the business leader who is seeking a more vital, sustainable, and purposeful way of doing business.

Claim into your human artistry and build a beautiful business.

About Steven Morris

Steven Morris helps business leaders build unignorable brands, cultures, and businesses through his work as an advisor, author, and speaker. He has worked with business leaders from Samsung, Sony, Habitat for Humanity, Amazon, International Trademark Association, NFL, MLB, and over 250 other brands over his more than 25 years in business.

He reaches more than 25,000 readers through his blog and also has written about brands, innovation, and culture as a contributing writer for Retail Observer, Business Week, Brand Week, Conscious Company Magazine, HOW Magazine, and MarketingProfs.

When he is not supporting leaders in building beautiful brands and businesses, Steven explores his fascination with art and beauty as an artist, designer, outdoor enthusiast, surfer, and beekeeper. To learn more about Steven and his work, visit Matter Consulting.

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