The Beautiful Business: An Actionable Manifesto to Create an Unignorable Business with Love at the Core

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A Welcome Message From Steven Morris

WELCOME FRIENDS! I am very excited to connect with you here.

If you’re new to my world, what I want you to know is that I’m deeply passionate about serving the world through a more integrated way of living, working and doing business.

My work and this book is based on the driving mantra: “There’s nothing more powerful than a united group of souls ignited in a common cause with love at the core.”

Below you will find options for how you can support my book launch. My team and I have worked hard to come up with creative win-win opportunities—because that’s how good business works. This includes YOU getting a lot more exposure for your business and platform during his launch.

Because all great and beautiful business is founded on creating significant mutual value.

First step: Please take a few minutes to watch the video above to learn a bit about what The Beautiful Business is about. Our business matters. Let’s make it beautiful!

Fellow Heart-Based Supporters

Gay Hendricks
Gay Hendricks
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Denise Lee Yohn
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Chip Conley
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Justin Ahrens
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Hilary Wilson
Gene Early
Elisabet Vinberg Hearn
Brian Sooy
Chris Cooper
Sarah Santecroce
Mike Mooney
Stephan Spencer
Eileen Sigler

There’s a quiet tsunami swelling. It’s a movement in the world of business that is reshaping the trajectory of our society toward a better, brighter, and more beautiful world. You’re part of this movement, too. The way I see it, we’re in this together. Igniting a common initiative to move the world forward—one leader at a time, one business at a time.

Promo Options

We have several options for your involvement, including live streaming with Steven Morris, The Beautiful Business book interviews, and more!

Check out the options here, then contact me and my team, using the form below to talk about the next steps. I’m also open to other strategies you might be interested in exploring or implementing. I see this as a collaboration to move your business, my business, and the world of business forward.

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